The Best Antique Score So Far…..


November 29, 2013 by Terry

A while back I went to my local second hand store to pick up some more milk paint.  They are a Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint dealer, they are also a consignment store for people who want to sell furniture of all kinds.  I love it because they quite often have beautiful antiques.  So once I had my paint I thought I would do a little browsing and WOW! did I ever find a good buy!  I Looked at the tag on one piece that I liked only to find out the price was for 9 pieces!!!

My heart started to pound!!!  I had to have it!  I immediately sent my husband a picture….an antique buffet with the matching china hutch, table and six chairs!!!!   Because it was such a steal I had to act on it immediately…..and….HE SAID YES!!!!   Yeay me!


Now, I Had brought it home to my collection in the garage and since my husband was kind enough to rent me a storage unit, I now have room for it in my home.  I have brought it in to enjoy until I am ready to do some fixing on it.  The table and chairs went to storage as they need alot of fixing but the buffet and china hutch have settled in nicely in my dining and living room.


While it is really pretty the way it is, the wood is damaged in places and I would like to do some sort of treatment to them both.  I could really use some suggestions….


Our home is decorated in shades of greys and different whites so I would prefer to do something along that line to it color wise.  I just think that while the natural wood color is nice, it just doesn’t go with the color scheme in our home.  It looks a little orangeish.  I can live with it for now but they will be getting a pretty facelift in the near future.  The china hutch needs some of the decorative scroll work on the door fixed as well…should I remove it or try to replace it?….


I would love some help in suggestions!

Oh yah…I will be finished with upholstering the matching sofa to the “restoration Hardware” copy cat chair by Monday!!!  Stay tuned for the results….Unfortunately all the pictures I took during the whole process have been lost due to some freaky glitch on my i-phone  :0( I am sooooo sad about that as I worked my little tush off on it and I really wanted to share the whole process with everyone.  Anyhoo….

Have a great weekend all!



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15 thoughts on “The Best Antique Score So Far…..

  1. says:

    What a fantastic find!! Love the buffet and hutch both!! I think they will both be beautiful in any shade of white or grey. It will really bring out the details so beautifully. I would leave the the missing scrollwork as it is and just paint and distress it like the rest of the piece. Love your blog! Good luck with it!!


  2. Hailey says:

    Happy birthday momma i LOVE your blog you did a great job with it! And i love you <3 -Hailey


  3. Trent says:

    Well Happy Birthday there Curator!!!
    I’m loo kin’ forward to your next project. Can’t wait to see….Oh talented one. Keep up the awesomest work.


  4. Quandie says:

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin first. These are stunningly gorgeous pieces, and if I were you I would paint them in a heartbeat. I understand the urge to go neutral with white or grey, but I’m going to throw in a vote for Miss Mustard Seed’s “Kitchen Scale”. I recently painted a couple of pieces in it and have fallen in love with the teal blue. It would work beautifully with grey and white, and it would give these two pieces the presence they deserve! If you have a chance, check out the Cokato vanity I painted (see fab furniture tab) on my blog. It is similar in style to your pieces, and I painted it in Kitchen Scale. Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure these will be fantastic!


    • You are so kind! Thanks for stopping by…I have considered using kitchen scale but wasn’t too sure..I will keep it in mind for sure! I was browsing your blog and you have done some stunning work! Lovely! I hope you stop by again soon.


  5. Paula says:

    Remove the design on the other side so that it matches?


  6. Svietka says:

    if i may make a suggestion: it is worth your time to try and find out the date of these pieces and the maker. If they r true antiques and not reproduction, they might be worth a whole lot more than u realise. By painting them-u will totally lose their value. If u find out the pieces r reproductions-go wild and paint:) This was a great score and i m also wiping the chin from drooling:)


  7. elaine simmons says:

    Do you think you could find someone who is good with a scroll saw to match the missing pieces? I would leave the scrolly design no matter what. What a gorgeous find!


    • I don’t know if I could match it or not, to be honest I didn’t even realize that part of it was missing at first…Love is blind I guess…lol! It has been suggested that I remove part of the other side to match..Hmmmm…I’m undecided as to what will happen to it. Thanks for stopping by today.
      Have a great weekend! Smiles!


  8. Kim Buettner says:

    Just came across your blog via Miss Mustrard Seed’s Link party. I was intrigued by the “antique find” title. Not sure what you paid, but you might think about getting it appraised before painting. You might be pleasantly surprised.
    I have a very similar Dining Room set which was my grandparent’s. It was purchased in 1925 and believe yours is probably from the 1920s also. The wood does have an orange-ish undertone. My set has the buffet, china cabinet w/ that same beautiful scroll work on the door, a “server” (looks like a mini-buffet), the table, leaves and 6 chairs that have been recovered multiple times. Love the unique look of that period.


    • Thank you so much for the advice! I think I will look into it further before doing anything…you are the second person to caution me :0) Have you had your appraised at all? Thanks for stopping by :0)


  9. Manja says:

    Ooohhhhh Terry you picked up the set.Lucky you was looking at it already for a while but didn’t want to spend the money yet.Was hoping for a good sale at the vintage market in Olds and then I was going to buy it.The good market I had but when I came in the store the set was gone !!!
    Good for you and good luck with it.


  10. […] couple of years ago now I purchased a beautiful dining set that included a sideboard and china cabinet.  I kept the sideboard but have sold the china cabinet […]


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