My “To Do” List


July 5, 2015 by Terry

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy…

Those of you with a need / addiction to DIY know exactly what I mean.

I tend to “collect”things with the intention of fixing them and giving them new life again.  When I spot something I usually already have a vision for it before I bring it home.

But then … somehow they wind up on the “wait list” as I tend to things more immediately in need of my attention.  How come is it that when it is something for my own home it doesn’t seem to be as much of a priority? You would think I’d be finishing those things first as I do spend most of my time here … but sadly … no!

Here are a few things on my current waitlist.

1.  Antique sideboard

I started this piece back in March but only got so far as the first coat of paint along with an experimental wet distressing of one part of it.  Then I was undecided on how I wanted to proceed with the rest of it…  heavy distressing, moderate distressing or no distressing at all?  Am I happy with the colour or do I want to actually make it a colour?

Any suggestions are welcome :0)

5Here is an example of where I tried wet distressing with a wet sanding sponge…

34I like it but I’m not sure I “love” it.

Oh … I forgot to mention that the pulls and handles are temporary on this piece :0)  I just slapped them on so I could still access the china still in this sideboard.  Yah … I know … :0\

It will get the appropriate hardware as soon as I finally get around to completing it, I promise!


2.  French Salon Chair

Next we move on to the other French Salon Chair that I bought a few weeks ago.  I haven’t decided if I will make it match the other one or if I will use a different material on it.  I am currently using it as my desk chair until a decision has been made.  All I know is that it cannot stay pink if it is going to be mine.  Nothing against pink, I just don’t care for it on upholstered furniture.

893. A Carved French Arm Chair

Now, this is a sweet little chair in need of a lot of love.  It was a random purchase on a random browse through a local classified ad website.  It was super cheap and I couldn’t believe that someone didn’t scoop it up right away!  I was shocked that after being on the site for so long that it was still available.

The wood is gauged in many places and the upholstery is stained but that’s what makes for a dramatic makeover right?

6For now it will live in the corner of my kitchen / dining area.  Sticky kids are okay on it …  for now :0)

7And lastly…

(I think I have a chair addiction to be honest…)

This next chair was purchased with the two French Salon chairs from the same lady.  My youngest daughter fell in love with it “as is”and begged me not to do anything with it.  She wanted it so bad for her room that she actually paid me her month’s allowance for it!  Lol!

It was a steal of a deal for sure!  Like the French chairs, this one was also like brand new.  No stains, wear marks or fading and most importantly no smells!  Just a weird yellow velvet … which actually looks perfect in her yellow bedroom! (sorry, no pictures to share on that yet)IMG_6811Not the most flattering picture of the chair but at least you get the idea…

I must say, this chair is very comfy :0)

These are just a few items on my to do list this summer … I won’t take you out to the garage … that’s a whole other post for sure!

5Have a great day!



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7 thoughts on “My “To Do” List

  1. Karen says:

    Just read through this and you will see I’m not the only one!




  2. lindaglovinghome says:

    Yup, I agree…we put our DIY finds on the back burner. I think we are all guilty of it, I know I am. All of your pieces are really nice. The sideboard, I love the way you did the wet distressing. But either side will be beautiful once you do your magic. The chairs…all of them, what great finds.


    • Hello Linda! Good to know I’m not alone :0)

      Sometimes I wonder … If I didn’t DIY the stuff I bring home … Would I be a hoarder? Ha ha … kidding! (sort of ? …)

      Thanks for popping in! It’s nice to chat with you again :0)


      Liked by 1 person

  3. mfoht says:

    Oh Man, I sure can relate to the unfinished sitting diy projects. My garage is full and like you all purchases were justifiable. (lol) My suggestion for the buffet would be light sanding with antquing wax on that great detail Good luck with all your projects


    • Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment :0) I’m leaning towards giving it another coat of paint, a nice light sanding and like you suggested.. some antiquing wax to highlight all the great details! Thanks for the suggestions :0)
      I hope you have a great weekend!



  4. regarding the sideboard. Maybe a little aging on the left to go with the right and rest of piece? I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m giving my 2 cents when you are clearly great at what you do! But you did ask…


    • Terry says:

      Your two cents are always welcome :0) I need new perspective! The sideboard is in experimental stage in the photo you saw and I’m not sure if the whole thing should look like the left side … or the right side with heavy distressing all over? hmmmmm…. that is… if I ever get back to finishing it :0)!
      I hope you have a great day!


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