All Things Pretty Market Photos … Finally!


May 15, 2016 by Terry

So I know it’s been like 2 weeks since the All Things Pretty Market but … between running here and there and having a brief episode of adrenaline crash… yah that’s a real thing for me … I just haven’t been able to carve out the time to upload the photos, bla, bla, bla…

I tend to be so passionate about presenting my best self and product at the market that it truly is an incredibly emotional (in a positive way) thing for me!  I hope everyone who steps foot in my booth has the same love for patina and aged pieces that I do, and if they don’t before they see my stuff, it is my hope they fall in love for the first time!

Now, because I was so wrapped up in the whole energy of the market, my sweet husband was the only one who snapped photos of my booth … I know baaaaaad blogger!  Bless his heart for doing what I didn’t!

Anyways… here goes!

This is a photo of what my booth had on the first evening.  I sold so much the first evening that I had to restock for the second day.


All the smalls and all three chandeliers went right away the first night!  Most of my pillows went and some of the chairs that I had hanging sold too.

In order to make the most of my space I opted for hanging items on my rolling walls, that included accent chairs.

The little Balloon Back chair went right away as well.  The new owner let it stay in my booth until she came back for it and during that time I could have sold it at least 6 more times!  I even have orders for one like it from a few people who left me their names and numbers to call them if I come across more.


The next day I added 2 more hanging lights, one made from an antique oil funnel for a tractor and one made from an antique hoosier flour sifter.

Slpi covered antique chair,desk redo, spring buds 253

Sorry for the poor photos… these are from my early days of blogging!



This is another one I made a few years ago that had a little bling!  It was my first one!  It went quickly!  (industrial lighting)


I also took the leap and decided yet again that I was done with my dining room table.  I decided that it was time to move on from this table and create a new one .  I have purchased the absolute heaviest chunk of antique wood from an architectural salvage yard that I plan to make into a stunning table.  This chunk of wood comes from Chicago in the early 1900’s and was formerly used as an industrial pallet!  Share more on that at a later date.  Sooooo… I took it to the market thinking “if it goes, it goes…”   And it did!  It went to it’s forever home the next day!  The couple who took it share the same love for patina and character that I do AND they too have 5 kids who will enjoy sitting at it for meals!


In the end this is all I came home with…  a few larger pieces like the sofa, the corner cabinet and a dresser…  and my rolling walls!  A few pieces of china and a victorian chair!


( The table in the trailer was an “extra” that I brought “just in case”  It is a 5 legged 1910 table… gorgeous!)


The hubs working hard!  Bless his heart!IMG_1898

Here is a better picture of some of the pillows I sold… I made the one with 1917 on it because the sofa it is sitting on is dated from 1917!


This sweet little antique table started out looking like this…


and ended up hanging on my booth wall looking like this…

(2 coats of vanilla cake country chic paint followed by antiquing wax)


The table, my signs and the antique parts tins also left me :)

These lovely chairs also left fairly quickly with an order for ” 4 more please!”


… and so on, and so on… Following the market I also had people contact me for the reclaimed wood coat rack (future post) and the antique bench that is shown in the dining table photos.  The little green chair also went to it’s forever home this evening!


This is already a very long post so I won’t keep you too much longer…  Let’s just leave it as “it was a VERY good weekend” for the Curator’s Collection at The All Things Pretty Market!  Looking forward to the next one!



Check out this stunning bouquet of flowering branches I “borrowed” from my neighbour’s yard for display!  Gorgeous! Soooooo many compliments on wether they were real or not :)

m4 copy


14 thoughts on “All Things Pretty Market Photos … Finally!

  1. Your booth looks beautiful. I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into setting one up.


    • Terry says:

      It really is a lot of planning. I wouldn’t have made it without the help of my husband and my kids giving a hand. It’s certainly physical! I hope you have a great week Vicki!


  2. Becky says:

    Wow! So many beautiful things and you made so many people happy too. Congratulations on a successful show.


    • Terry says:

      Thank you Becky! It was such a fun event but it went by so fast! It’s like prepping for a year for a wedding and then in the blink of an eye it’s over! lol I wish it went for longer ;) I hope you have a great week!


  3. Mary says:

    I love how you styled your booth. Everything looks so well curated together. I’m glad it was a success. Your booth was so big compared to my show of last week. I love your pillows. You’ve given me some new ideas.


    • Terry says:

      Thank you Mary! I loved your booth and I can’t believe how much you managed to get in it!!! Your stuff looked amazing and I loved the size of your pillows and the graphics! Well done! Thank you for your kind compliments! I hope you have a great week!


  4. I love it all. I wish I lived closer to you so I could have gone to the show. It is no surprise everything sold so quickly.


  5. Your booth was beautiful, Terry and so glad the market was a huge success! How good that you got orders for items you sold out of. As you know this is pre-market week for me so your post was very timely. I love how you hung the chairs and small table – might be borrowing that idea this weekend. Love your gorgeous linen pillows! Great idea and one I wish I had thought of (next time). Well as you can see from the time of this comment, I’m pulling late nights this week to get ready for this weekend. Congratulations on a successful market!


    • Terry says:

      Awe Marie! Thank you for the nice comments! I know the pressure is on for you right now. You are going to do amazing! I hope I can pop by! Don’t work too hard! Get some rest and don’t stress!


  6. Vanessa says:

    Hi Terry! I met you at the market (I was the one who bought the hanging pendant and some pillows) and we discussed the possibility of you making my husband and I three upholstered chairs for our kitchen table. Is that something you are still interested in doing? :)


  7. So glad to read your show was a success, Terry! Not surprised … everything looked beautiful. You’re already excited for the next show, so that alone makes you a winner. Take care, Cynthia


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